Thursday, September 08, 2011

They have found the missing link...again.

Well it must be 'back to school time' folks!
The missing link has been discovered in Africa (again).
An article in the UK's Daily Mail, reports "Australopithecus sediba, was discovered in a cave in South Africa and has been dubbed the ‘missing link’ between apes and humans."
Apparently "new details about its brain, pelvis, hands and feet" of this pair of fossilized relics specimens "make it clear our ancient relative displayed both primitive characteristics as well as more modern, human-like traits."
Wow! Those must be some details to tell us all that.
Is this scientific or scientism? Hmmmm.
Well, they go on to explain "due to these features researchers suspect Au. sediba is the best candidate for an ancestor to the Homo genus, according to five new papers on it published in Science."
Apparently they are having an election of sorts. They need a good hominid for the job (missing link) and this could be just our man...ape... thing.  Our buddy new Au. Sediba and  has all the 'details' to fit the  story facts.  He has all the skull and hip stuff.

[Hey, as a 'heretical' aside - I wonder what such studies on groups of modern humans would show in the respect of these 'details'?  Ouch. Did I just write that? Well one goose step leads to another I suppose.  I guess I can get away with it seeing as I don't buy the whole brain=mind thing. I only bring up the connection with modern studies, not condone them. I wonder if the folks at the Malapa dig do? ]

Anyway, they have found our candidate, and after the election we will have found our common ancestor by consensus(??). I hope there is no negative campaigning. Next year they are going to elect a new Big Bang...or was that last year.
I must be missing a link?

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