Friday, September 23, 2011

Top down physics

For centuries theology and philosophy have explored purpose and design in nature.
In our efforts to understand the order and patterns we see in the universe, we have long wondered if that elusive fourth dimension may be the medium in which the 'plan' is revealed.
Could the beginning and the end be the same? Could the present and even the past be changed by the need for an outcome in the future? Teleology. A top down system.
In this fascinating piece from Rueters via FOXNEWS a team of particle physicists think they may have found the medium for just such a phenomenon:"the discovery of sub-atomic particles apparently traveling faster than light could force a major rethink of theories on the makeup of the cosmos if independently confirmed."
Faster than light? My goodness. That sounds almost SUPER natural!
We learn more, "Jeff Forshaw, a professor of particle physics at Britain's Manchester University, told Reuters the results if confirmed would mean it would be possible in theory to "send information into the past." Send information? A very specific idea. He also notes that time travel, while 'possible', would still be a long way off.
If this is so, and this research is confirmed, could this be the natural medium through which Form is transmitted to nature from an 'outside' source?
I have a feeling that whatever the answer may be, it will be elusive and not very cooperative at all.
Still while many are exited, none are convinced.
""It is premature to comment on this," Professor Stephen Hawking, the world's most well-known physicist, told Reuters. "Further experiments and clarifications are needed."
Prof Hawking is healthy in his scepticism.
But what a wonder if proven!
A total RETHINK.


  1. I read somewhere that Pr. Hawking once said that it may be possible all those UFO sightings are from earthly time travelers of the future.

    Maybe this discovery is the first step to getting there!


  2. That would certainly be one consideration, Pépé.
    But what piques my curiosity is that this could PERHAPS be the medium by which form/design is (super)naturally transmitted.
    What I mean is this could be a kind of data river of light flowing from the unmoveable OUTSIDE time to the 'ends' of Creation.
    Sort of... the idea is still forming. But I am sure you get the direction I am headed in....

  3. Egnor wrote about the Dark Night of the Soul. God will come to your house if you will let Him in!

    If we don't meet in this life, I look forward of meeting you in the next...



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