Friday, November 11, 2011

Know what day it is?

So some friendly bright looking young guy comes up to me as we stand waiting for a light to change and to cross a main street in town. He says 'know what day it is today?' .
(People always do this to me. Just walk up and have a yak. A blessing? A curse? Both, maybe.)
I assume he means Remembrance Day (often called Armistice Day), so I pointed to my poppy and nodded expecting to hear a 'dad' or 'brother' story (I was wearing an old service jacket). I never tire of them.
But the young guy laughs and says 'No not all THAT stuff, it is 11.11.11'.
I looked in DEAD PAN and said 'Look kid, I don't know you but I am going to be straight with you: Who gives a whore's R***Y C**T?'
He stood there looking shocked, looked up at the crossing  lights which had just changed and muttered, almost to himself: 'numerologists'.
I laughed so hard that when we had all crossed the road I had to call ahead to him my thanks. I REALLY needed a good laugh.
It was nice to see such innocence still alive and well. Very funny stuff. I am glad we crossed paths - that these two worlds collided on this day....
If I see him again, I'll buy him a coffee and apologize for the language. Maybe explain my crass, snarky response.
This is not a big town. Chances are good.
Today is a sombre one for me; usually replete with engagements or talks, and always with parade or what not. This year, I was 'off' to attend a veteran's / civilian morning service, and I was on my way home (via the bank etc) this kid brought it all home.

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