Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas from Canada!

First post in a while.
Baby boy was born healthy and we are just now starting to catch up.
Be blogging again real soon.
In the mean time, here is a video I threw together a while ago with  my son and his friends,


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    1. Thanks, KT.
      He is a blessing like none we have had in years.
      We have had a lot of loss in the last while. Both my wife and my own father passed. Then both my Grandparents - who lived with us under our care, and had just seen their son go - passed one after the other.
      I have also lost friends in the service, and even two beloved dogs.
      A very tough couple of years.
      But now, this little boy has turned it all upside down.
      We named him after his Great Granddad (and Granddad), and he is healthy, happy, and making us all much more so too.
      My adult son also playing a big part in this.
      Thanks for your wished, KT.
      Sorry it took so long to respond!


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