Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Her Majesty's Heretic: Dr John Dee

Many have written that Dr Dee was the model for Marlowe's Faust. The comparison is easy to see. Dr John Dee, was the Astrologer Royale for the Courts of Queen Elizabeth I and the Holy Roman Empire. He was a master of mathematics, physical sciences (alchemy), and a philosopher of great merit. What distinguishes him from many other period scientists/mystics is that he actually attempted to harness 'Angel Magic', a form of strange 'skrying' - or looking into reflective surfaces like his 'black mirror' or 'orb of chrystal' - while attempting to channel or summon and bind angelic forces.
The resulting readings and controversy would be what this brilliant and accomplished scientist was remembered for.
What type of deal did Dee make and with whom? Was it all fantasy and illusion, or was there a something supernatural at work? You be the judge.
The below link is to but one of MANY documentaries on the man and his apprentice and 'skryer' Mr Kelly.
Enjoy...but not too much :P

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