Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When life is cheap....

We live in an increasingly barbarous society.
Our tastes and appetites are in a constant state of expansion and satiation.
We gorge like gluttons at the table of materialism, and we devour our very civilization in doing so.
Consider: We are now at a point where there is such a thing as suicide tourism. A frightened, old, sick, or just very sad person can book an appointment at a nice-looking, clean, clinical facility in a civilized country - and die. Or should I say: Be killed.
So - as the pamphlets read - the old folks will not to be a burden on their friends, family, and economy. This nightmarish practice is still only quasi legal as far as international law goes, and strictly illegal in most nations of merit - but it is not going away, it is gaining steam. Especially in the EU.
Proponents of 'Euthanasia' , as it is now called, are more populous now more than any other period, besides that of the Third Reich.It seems that only the Nazis were more pro euthanasia than the modern 'progressive' movement. Not the only thing those two mindsets have in common, but that is another topic...
What could it mean?
Well, if this behaviour becomes normalized it could be something like this: After years of loyalty and hard work, old mum and dad will be asked to pop off and die. Surely we make excuses. It is only human to try to justify behaviour such as this killing in our midst. 'I don't want dad to suffer' supplants 'I don't want dad or mum to LIVE and suffer in front of ME.' 'They don't want to live without each other'..oh and for it 'to cost ME a bomb.'
Dad's life becomes secondary to the selfish and personal needs of the individual, and the young and healthy 'kin group' (pack, herd, 'family').
But while dad lives, and even after, there will always be a supply of protein in the form of mass farmed meats. Our barbarism is not just directed at humans, but to nature in general. Animal life specifically.
No longer does anyone in the 'family' have to look forward to a Sunday roast. Now we can walk in with a nice cut ANY time, the shelves are full of them - cheap. What a wonder, eh?
But if you take one second - just one - to consider WHAT these roasts are, where they come from, and how many will ROT so that you can eat one fatty, frightened, tough and junked up lump of flesh on the 'cheap' may just prefer that expensive free range Sunday Roast on Sunday, and maybe a BIT of free range pork, ORGANIC fresh fish or chicken during the week. We may prefer the civilized treat to the barbaric heap of cheap kill that is clogging all our arteries and bowels.
But we do least as a whole.
Many folks do not even have the above options. It is a lot easier to get a McDonald's cheeseburger in the inner city than a free range chicken, or a grain fed cut of beef or mutton. 
Speaking of the big city, when people get into a crowded situation they fight. I grew up in a big crowded city full of immigrants in the North West of England. It was a tough stint for a budding intellect like your humble blogger. But I 'cuffed it' through. The fights, you see, were usually one on one. What has a happened to that unwritten code? No more.
Now the 'feral' youth (media term) attack in packs or 'swarms'. Not content with kicking each others butts, they sodomize and shoot each other. They attack and rape each other's girlfriends. The girls themselves attack, lure in, and participate in the rapes. The Dailies are FULL of this stuff.
In these aspects (and many more) we make our recent ancestors, with all their ticks and strange beliefs, look like brilliant and saintly characters.
But there is one issue which hits me at the very core, and I rarely write on it. Despite being a deeply held belief, I find it is a woman's issue. I mean that in the respect that women must be the ones to take this moral ground back. Men CANNOT do it in any meaningful way. This is a battle for what remains of womanhood, and I cannot stress how important I think the victory of feminine and maternal morality would be in the cause of women's rights/equality...and how nasty of a blow 'choice' has been. Again think inner city, food stamps, and abortion mills.
But, my position is as an observer.
In plain English?
I am pro-life, but feel it MUST be women who win this fight for the victory to mean anything.
Not because some preacher or celebrity says that's cool. But because of my deeply held beliefs regarding the sanctity of life. I am also anti capital punishment.
I see any sort of institutionalized and internalized slaughter as barbarous, foul business.
War is also a foul business, but it is war. War is a distinct state from civilized life.
The killing of caged men by the government is not the same thing. It is a blurring of those two states - transition into barbarism.
I see it like this: The 'termination' of human life, or life potential, in the womb is an insidious evil.
I see no sane argument for elective abortion.
But again, I have not got a 'womb' in the debate. It is up to the women of this culture to make this decision. They have in my country, and it is a barbarous one: State funded/controlled abortions.
Apparently the clinics in the USA are no better. Some would say worse, suggesting they are 'mills' that operate for profit. A lesser of two evils is still evil.
This story in the UK Daily Mail is just one of many that illustrates the horrors that occur when this commonly recommended procedure is botched from bottom to top.

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