Saturday, April 07, 2012

The law is (frequently) an ass....

As I was writing my morning ode to Big Brother, I came across a double plus good article about the need for new jails.
At least I belly-feel that is what the article is about.

What to do? With so many laws, so many infringements of those laws, and so little jail space...
Happy to lock up everyone that breaks these 'jail fillers' from shoplifters, to debtors (fines), to pot heads and drunks, the police in Flint Michigan, a city of just over 100,000,  are now so over crowded in their jail-cell capacity they are 'forced' to give out appearance 'tickets.'

Never mind! When the bankrupt citizens are next out getting a load on, and haven't paid their 'ticket' - maybe Tod the pothead or Bobby-Sue the stripper will be in a federal prison for a 5 year term on a 'plea bargain' to save them from life?
After all they did BAD, BAD things.
Then there may be a spot to 'lock em up' instead of driving them home with a scolding and a fine.
They may have to let a few violent criminals, rapists, or murderers out to get old Tod in there, but that is just those silly OLD moral laws, not the new cool 'federal' laws that almost everyone breaks and were only introduced into the books recently ....just before the jail and prison building BOOMS of the end of the last century. Funny that? Never mind, as long as Tod get's the clink for his disgusting habit.
Maybe that's the plan? More jails, then we can come up MORE laws that will fill them? Arms control laws? 'Morality' (not that silly old stuff - the 'new morality') laws?
'Hate' laws?
Debtors laws?
Environmental laws?
Financial laws?
Who knows? Maybe we can come up with laws you won't even know you've broken?
We could call them 'secret laws'! Silly me, we already have (hahaha!)
But we better had build some jails and MEGA-prisons so we have the room in the meantime. After all if we are aiming at jailing a good hunk of the populace for being 'law breakers', we need to room (and the tax dollars) to do it.
Maybe we better introduces those gun laws first. That way nobody get's any crazy ideas about freedoms, 'liberty' or oppression and 'tyranny'.
Folks in this part of the world are funny that way.


Full jail forcing Flint police to give tickets

Because the county jail is so full, law-breakers
[ie citizens - my comment] in Flint are getting off with an appearance ticket instead of a more severe potential punishment.

The Flint Journal reports Saturday that Flint police handed out 17 appearance tickets during the first two months of this year, while Michigan State Police handed out 55 over the same period.

The newspaper obtained state police records and Flint reports via the Freedom of Information Act.

They show some of the suspects let go were those police said were driving on suspended licenses, driving under the influence, involved in assaults or caught during a burglary.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says the lack of jail space strips police of their basic power to arrest criminals and calls it detrimental to fighting crime.


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