Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Finally a reaction to Islamic Anti-Semitism

After months of complaints against several Toronto area Muslim Schools the Provincial Investigation has resulted in an APOLOGY from The East End Madrassah. Apparently there will be an ongoing investigation that has the potential to become a criminal investigation. 
Personally I see this as a victory for commo
n sense in this Province.
It is an excellent example of how Conservative and Liberal minded people are capable of coming to a moral consensus if they are not simply played off against one another in a dialectic game.
Jew-hatred is something Canadians want to put behind them. It is an ugly bigotry we wish to shed, culturally. It is refreshing to see the new arrivals being  forced  to integrate in this manner. It is even more gratifying to see members of that group apologize - even if it may be insincere. 
Thank God and Goodness for this little victory for sanity and morality. 


A Toronto Islamic school under police investigation over its “anti-Semitic” curriculum has apologized to the Jewish community and promised to review its teaching materials following an outcry.
The East End Madrassah acknowledged in a press release that passages of its educational texts that referred to “crafty” and “treacherous Jews” and contrasted Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis” were a mistake.
But the apology did not end the controversy. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty told reporters on Tuesday he was pleased the matter was being probed by police and school board officials. “There is no room for hatred or intolerance in this province,” he said.
Meanwhile, Jewish groups said they were not satisfied with the school’s response, and neither was Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak. “It’s not a matter of reviewing materials,” he said. “This is hatred. This is poison. This type of material has no place in our classrooms, no place in the province.”

Full story in the National Post HERE

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