Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Nihilistic Ego-centrist Recursive Reductionists for a Despotic Socialism.

Who are the N.E.R.R.D.S?
If this were a Bond movie, they would be the  lackeys working the death ray for the man with the white cat. If this were a comic book, they would be the bad guy's technicians busily working on the cogs of the doomsday machine.

They are the willing sycophants.
They are easy to detect: Always easily intimidated, outraged, offended and otherwise ruffled by any display of tradition, morality, altruism and most especially courage.

Don't confuse N.E.R.R.D.S with harmless garden variety school kid nerds.
The latter is simply a developmental stage of insulated industrialized children (usually male runts) that normally ends with a first pairing around the age of sexual maturity (later for some). They may look very similar to nerds but the N.E.R.R.D.S of which I write are far more dangerous.
They are an insidious intellectual rash upon our civilization. They weaken us from within.
Let me absolutely clear: These are not simply lads addicted to masturbation and Japanese animation. These are not over grown girls with a taste for rainbow knee-socks and Boba Fett dolls.
N.E.R.R.D.S are adults. Many are very powerful and well connected. N.E.R.R.D.S  hold all non N.E.R.R.D.S in the deepest contempt.
In fact, they hold most other  
N.E.R.R.D.S in contempt too! 
N.E.R.R.D.S is/are a 'worldview'. They are a belief and way of life; some would say ideology. I would not go so far, but I would say they are very prone to certain ideological movements, such as communism.

Where are the 
N.E.R.R.D.S ?They call themselves many things and often identify with groups.    
Many adherents of the N.E.R.R.D.S way are members of a scientific community, a member of an educational facility, and quite often of the political or legal classes.  Microcosms are the reality of 
 N.E.R.R.D.S. and consequently the entertainment industry (from films to video games) is riddled with N.E.R.R.D.S. and those they seek to convert. They have also been known to infiltrate positions of influence in the military and even the clergy.  

Where do 
N.E.R.R.D.S come from?As bizarre as it may seem, these folks are physically normal human beings. They are not from another world, or of some different sub species of least not yet.
N.E.R.R.D.S are thought to be the product of a spoiled/ruined childhood.
Much like certain sturgeon who cannot or do not have the will to mate lurk at the bottom of lakes and grow to massive sizes, so do the 
N.E.R.R.D.S result from an initial lack of mental and physical maturity. This process is sometimes known as the 'emotional lobotomy'. This lack of depth can usually be traced to a materially spoiled childhood in which affection was replaced with 'things' by busy parents or by the child itself; hence the strong psychological fixation with material nature (specifically technology and gadgetry) and the common (within the N.E.R.R.D.S movement) predisposition to the autistic like inability to comprehend the immaterial.
The immaterial and qualitative world have little or no meaning to the
N.E.R.R.D.S. adherent. If it (anything) can not be empirically proven, measured, and reduced to equations - it does not exist to the follower of the N.E.R.R.D.S path.  

What do 
It's all in the name.
Nihilistic: They don't believe in anything. More specifically they believe in nothing. Futility would be a word that sums up the 
N.E.R.R.D.S view of existence ('worldview'). One famous neurosurgeon has summed up this central N.E.R.R.D.S concept as 'shit happens'. 
Ego-centrist: There is one immaterial thing in the N.E.R.R.D.S 'worldview'  and that is the self. The 'religion of me', as the N.E.R.R.D.S faith is sometimes called, is explicitly hedonistic and self interested. The fear of personal extinction is at a hysterical pitch among N.E.R.R.D.S.  ME, I, MYSELF are the holy trinity of the N.E.R.R.D.S paradise.
N.E.R.R.D.S love paradox and openly despise logic. They seek to undermine logical thinking (inference and deductive) by a kind rote and litany they refer to as 'memes'. 
Reductionist: Many who have closely studied and observed the  N.E.R.R.D.S movement first hand feel this aspect may be the central key stone of their faith/belief system. There seems a literal need among  N.E.R.R.D.S thinkers (for lack of a better term) to reduce all the complexities of existence to the simplest interpretation. This need may well be connected to lack of socio-sexual maturity and general apathy enabled by the nihilism. 
For Despotic Socialism: They may be globalist (internationalist/communist) socialists or more of a regional (ie fascistic or 'national') socialist bent - but all the N.E.R.R.D.S true believers are politically inclined to the Hegelian left and almost always propose the most dramatic forms of social controls in the form of despotic police state style tyranny.
Liberty and freedoms are gladly scrapped in the name of 'security' and 'progress' in the mind of those who follow the way of the 
N.E.R.R.D.S. Again, this is attributed by most experts to a fear of personal extinction. Those of the  N.E.R.R.D.S creed fear being abused and have faith in a 'nanny state' system to protect them from 'bullies' who 'scare' and 'offend' them. 

How to deal with 
N.E.R.R.D.S.:N.E.R.R.D.S. must be confronted openly and using their own (so called) 'Darwinian' model. They need to be 'naturally selected'.
Their argument (and quite often their physiology and psychology) is very weak, and by their own standard should be discarded ('fall by the wayside') for a stronger and healthier outlook with a more robust and charismatic leadership. Such improved outlooks abound
In order to control a .
N.E.R.R.D.S outburst remember to think like a  N.E.R.R.D.S !
The need to belong and to 'be cool' is the 
N.E.R.R.D.S. emotional/psychological Achilles heal, just as logic is the intellectual weak spot.
Use both!
Tell the 
N.E.R.R.D.S. people when they are being offensive.
Make their offensive comments and doctrines 
uncomfortable to proselytize.
Remember: Discomfort is literally FEARED by the N.E.R.R.D.S.
Redefine their propaganda terms!
When they say 'terminate', redefine to 'kill' or 'murder'.
When they suggest a 9 month old baby in the womb is 'just a foetus' (or any LIVING BEING is 'just' any THING) correct them for all to hear.
Keep in mind that 
N.E.R.R.D.S. will fail as a movement. It is doomed from the beginning. All we can do as responsible, moral, adults is hasten it's end and remove ourselves and all we hold dear from that failure.  
Consider: It is inevitable that the N.E.R.R.D.S. movement should suffer collapse, but the trick is to separate that crash from our own culture(s). 
We do not want to be dragged down to the bottom with the N.E.R.R.D.S. wreck. 

"What is a N.E.R.R.D.S? He's the guy who is offended by a town hall prayer, but tells you should abort your kid and  put down old 
grandma for the sake of the trees or dolphins or whatever as he commutes to his lab so he can spray bunnies eyes with cosmetics and vivisect some monkeys for 'science'."


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