Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Von Campe interview

Paranoid old ex-Nazi, or wise old man?
The folks at the holocaust centre in DC in Ottawa sure think he is worth hearing out!
Below is an interview with Hilmar von Campe on Alex Jones 'Prison Planet'.
Normally I do not post directly from a source such as Alex Jones, but this is about the best in-depth interview with Herr Von Campe I could find.
His material is deliberately ignored by the MSM, despite being a major contributor to the understanding of the psychology within Nazi Germany and a friend of the Holocaust Museum.
He exposes an uncomfortable parallel between modern politics and that of the period leading to the rise of the Reich and the Soviet Union.

Please consider the words of a man who has seen the rise and fall of a Socialist Autocracy, been conditioned, and freed himself.

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