Friday, December 06, 2013

Bertrand Russell's rejection of Scientism.

Once in a while I read a blog post on one of my friends/blog buddies pages that really gets the juices flowing. Really makes me think.

A post that opens doors of inquiry and starts a cycle of introspection.

Today I came across one of those on Dr Michael Egnor's 'Engorance'. It is a really interesting blog which I often haunt, and is full of fascinating topics and discussions. But, this one is a gem fully worthy of cross-posting.
The post is a fascinating analysis of Bertrand Russell's rejection of eliminative materialism, by a renowned professor and practitioner of Neurosurgery. Mike's take is well worth reading.

Russell was a self described atheist, and a brilliant thinker in many ways. But he, unlike his modern counterparts, did not limit his world view with the paradoxical notions of scientism. He transcended those limits by rejecting the idealist and materialist dichotomy.
Read the analysis on Dr Egnor's blog here:

Scientism and Bertrand Russell's neutral monism

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