Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Transhumanism is suicide

Transhumanism is suicide.
This is a strong statement. But it is truth.
What is transhumanism? It is that other forbidden fruit. The quest for a technological, physical immortality.
In it's latest costume it is posited as a means to 'download' or 'upload' your mind into a computer bank and thereby avoid death. Once in this matrix-like existence, the transhumanist muses, you would be able to transfer into replicated bodies and devices that would allow you to do all sorts of 'wonderful' things. Things like travelling the vast distances between stars, explore hostile worlds, and other such things that require more time of physical ability than our bodies are able to do.
This is the ultimate transhumanist goal. They call it the 'singularity'. When man and machine merge.
Sound attractive? It sure sells.
They are working very hard on it. They are very wealthy and influential. The 'project' began with nueral interface technology and 'augmented reality'. Devices like smart phones, google glass, and behavioural mapping software are seen as 'stepping stones' to the 'singularity' by this transhumanist elite.
They run some of the most powerful and successful tech firms in the world. They meet with our leaders. They believe this is our destiny, our evolutionary path.

But let's take a closer look at this promise of a brave new world.
Let's see what it really means.
There is two theories on the mind that have survived the rigours of scientific, philosophical, and theological inquiry.
The first, and most commonly believed, is that the mind is above matter. That the mind is the interface between the organic presence and the soul. Kind of like a transmission or software that allows the real transcendent us to navigate about the physical reality we call 'life'. In the software analogy it is much like an operating system that allows the user (the soul, or it's many other names) to interface with the hardware of the body and thus navigate the network of this physical reality. This is simply a new metaphor for the most ancient and realistic approach to what the mind is. This is the approach embraced by religious and agnostic minds alike, and is the one most often connected to philosophies of purpose and meaning. It is also backed by a huge amount of modern, verifiable hard sciences - such as those of ever vaunted, never failing quantum physics.
The second is the materialist approach. Bottom up, if you like. It relies on various semi scientific theories to propose that the mind is the result of the machine. That the software, in our previous analogy, is 'emergent'. That is to say, the machine's software is constantly upgrading on it's own solely due to evolutionary processes. That the mind, to perhaps better illustrate, is like a flame on a gas vent. It lights, grows, and eventually flickers out never to return. In this view the only part of a life that survives 'death' is the genetic inheritance it may have passed on in the form of offspring. This inheritance allows a new mind to form in the offspring, and over millions of years improve by means of mutations and natural selection (survivors survive).
This second view, as the reader will note, is not exactly cheery stuff. Nor is it accepted by most conscious minds (no pun intended). Nor should it be. For if this position is the truth, then there is no real truth only subjective experience - and thus the argument itself is untrue. I am reminded of the old logical paradox in the form of a statement and question: 'There is no such thing as objective truth' to which the student questions 'Is that true?'
But Transhumanism does not rely on either view. In fact, it proponents espouse both views. They come from both camps.
Either way, it is suicidal lunacy.
How so? Well, the reader should consider the following.
If the first concept of mind is true, and the soul is the 'user' or controller of our physical body via the mind - then the mind most likely cannot be divorced from the soul. if it can be, by some technological wizardry undreamed of so far, then that mind is no longer the person which it once belonged to and was part of. It would simply a collection of their memories replicated into a machine, like a file back up system. A lone component no more the individual than a carefully preserved (and animated?) corpse or a well written (interactive?) manifesto. The soul, if undamaged by the process, would simply do what souls do when they are naturally divorced from the body and mind; 'pass on'. If, in their madness, the transhumanist was to counter that they could 'catch the soul' (as some, indeed do) and bottle it up in a machine, then is this not literally playing God? Would this not be an utterly insane attempt to avoid whatever stage of existence lies beyond what we call 'death'? Would we not be forced to reexamine the professed motives of a person who seeks to avoid the natural course of the transcendent existence of humanity, and thereby avoid their very purpose ?
Indeed, we would.

Now, if the second concept was somehow paradoxically true, then  the death would be even more permanent. If the mind is simply a collection of impulses that are the result of a chemical reaction in the brain, like the constantly reorganizing pixels on a screen or a flame dancing on a gas vent, then to simply copy those pixels or use that flame to light a different vent would not be the original. The personality created would simply be a copy. A duplicate. The original would be forever dead.
Having taken this fruit of the tree of life, this deep drink of the fountain of youth, the materialist would find themselves poisoned and replaced by an algorithmic doppelgänger. Regardless of how good that duplicate may be, the original would have ceased to exist. They would be truly, metaphysically gone. Utterly dead, and willingly so. 
So, what does that lead us to? Where does this analysis conclude?
With a simple, logical reality check.
Anyone planning to embrace transhumanism is literally committing suicide.
Those who promote it are promoting mass suicide. Further, they are promoting the mass suicide and conversion of the victims into a database (of sorts) of the gullible masses who fear death.
I know this reads like an extreme position, but is really quite calm and rational observation once you give it a few minutes thought.
These people want to convince - no convert - you to willingly die and transfer all your knowledge and experiences into their computers. Will they also take this route? That is, more or less, irrelevant. If they do, they are mad and evil. If they do not, then they are sane and immensely more so (evil).
I mean,really folks, is the conclusion that such death cults would exist - that this is their explicit aim or goal so 'far out there' in a world that embraces infanticide, genocides, and human euthanasia as 'health care' and 'sustainability' projects?
If you think, for one second, I am making this all up, read it in their own words.
Sound evil? Even diabolic?
It should.

If you'll take this old bayonet's final advice on the subject: Don't 'plug in'. Face death as we all must do. Educate others on this madness, once you have familiarized yourself with it. Encourage those you love to be happy with what they are, and not to aspire to some delusional, technological promise of personal divinity.
Do so for the sake of your mind, body, and soul.

May God bless you and keep you all.

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