This blog is a personal journal of ideas. Readers and comments are welcome, but not the main thrust of this project.  The Idea behind this blog is to make a record of what I see as a intellectual movement to sacrifice or force the surrender of academic freedom, philosophical truth, moral objectivity, personal and civil liberties, and our sense of direction and purpose for simple comfort. We are giving up who we are, measure by measure, for things; stuff. It is the easy and lazy route, and thus attractive to many.  
This deal with the devil is, like all such transactions, a BAD trade.
I will highlight and comment on articles, post essays, lit-bit's, even some fiction - if space permits.
There are many strange twists and turns in this observation of mine.
I will attempt to be as logical and reasonable as I can, but I will leave it to the reader to exercise caution and scepticism when approaching any such issue.
Discretion is also advised.  PC Conformity is real. It CAN cost you your job. Some ideas are best held in the heart, until the forum arises to express. It is that spirit I advise anyone with anything to risk to use a pseudonym or anonymous login when discussing these controversial issues on this blog, or anywhere online.
All that formality aside, welcome (any) one and all. Enjoy the blog!

Is the modern approach all the different? :P