Friday, March 16, 2012

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury resigns after Parliament is denied vote over Gay Marriage

Arch Bishop Williams has handed in his cap.
The oft controversially liberal Bishop resigned amid a parliamentary rebellion over Gay Marriage rights. Gay unions are legal in the UK, but the lib-dem opposition wants full blown marriage and the words 'husband and wife' removed from the legal documents. The idea is incredibly unpopular in the UK, and His Grace found himself on the side of the traditionalists, the majority of the population, the Monarch, and a very loud internal opposition in the Houses of Government. No matter, the Chancellor  Premier PM and his Deputy decided to push it through without a vote or referendum. Shades of the EU?
Anyway, to his credit, the Arch Bishop has resigned leaving his post open to succession, and quite probably the most conservative in years, and first  black Arch Bishop in history: Bishop Dr John Sentamu, of York. This would be a welcome change in the 80 million strong Anglican communion, and I as a member of the High Church welcome the idea with great hope.
A restoration of traditions and a new vigour is just what the doctor ordered. Some of Arch Bishop Williams efforts will be remembered with great pride, such as his overtures to Rome and his stance against Islamification and uber-secularism. Others will seem very placid and liberal. Over all I think he is good man and has done a good job. I wish him only God's grace and continued happiness and health. I do, however, look very much forward to this new man in Canterbury.
The full story, tabloid style, in the UK's Daily Mail:

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