Sunday, March 18, 2012

Religious intolerance reaches new lows.... of intelligence!

A group of atheists in Florida spent part of their weekend washing away a blessing placed upon a local highway by a religious group.
Armed with brooms, mops and "unholy water," the atheists gathered Saturday to symbolically clean up holy oil that Polk Under Prayer put down on Highway 98 near the Pasco-Polk county line last year, Bay News 9 reported.
"We come in peace," Humanists of Florida director Mark Palmer announced before he and members of other atheist organizations launched their cleanup. "Now that's normally what aliens say when they visit a new planet, but we're not aliens, we're atheists!"
According to the report, Palmer said Polk Under Prayer's blessing "sends a very bad signal to everyone in Polk County, and [anyone] who travels through Polk County who doesn't happen to be Christian."
The unblessing project, he explained, was "not about atheist rights" but about "welcoming everybody into Polk County."


  1. This is what my first born sent me when I ask him what was his take on Christ resurrection.

    Do you see what Darwinism has done and why I hate (but I know I should not) these SOBs!

  2. Man...
    Sorry it took me so long to respond, mate. I have been working like a dog, with no time to read or work on my own blog.

    Pépé, that is some NASTY, and very shallow stuff he sent you.
    I can see why you feel the way you do, if that is the response you got from your own child on a matter the he KNOWS is within the realm of your deepest personal beliefs.
    I have less personal reasons for disliking the movement, but it essentially comes down to the same thing.
    Such a nihilism as Darwinian thought frequently produces literally borders on what I would describe as Satanic or Luciferian hubris. It is not merely A-Religious it is ANTi-religious, and deeply disrespectful of tradition. It is being sold to our youth in the Universities and colleges as 'science' when in fact it is anything but. Rather I see it as a form of programming sold as a 'rebellion' against authority. The tell tale signs of this could be no clearer than the example you have made of the reaction of your son.
    I will hold him in my prayers, Pépé.
    I hope to God he comes out of this malaise before he damages himself or others with some sort of application of such thinking.
    He obviously had a good home, and there is always that hope he will awaken and return to the ways of his fathers.
    People have asked me why I would post a silly 'poster' like the one on this article: You KNOW the answer to that.
    I see it as reciprocity.
    Call us fools for believing in a purpose to life, and a God - I will will expose the TRUTH of New Atheism.
    It is empty, illogical, and utterly FAITH based. Just like Satanism, and the 'New Age' thinkers they are mere tools and aspects of the religion of 'me'!

  3. I will hold him in my prayers, Pépé.

    Thank you, crusadeREX. Reading your comments has made me a lot of good.

    My first born has not spoken to me in nearly a year and that just kills me.

    The last time we met he told me that I should not believe in stupid things: in French he said: Dis-moi pas que tu crois à ces niaiseries! (use Google translate for an English translation)

    It is beyond me why he does not see God handywork all around him, since he has 3 wonderful children.

    He has also stopped blogging as you can see.


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