Friday, June 08, 2012

The History of Evil: A Series.

One of the reasons for publishing this blog has been to convey some ideas that are not too popular, sometimes a little scary, and often occupy what is known as the 'fringe' of modern science, sociology, philosophy, and mainstream historical or political works.

I have not always been a soldier, or worked in the security apparatus.
I have, however, always been a lover of history. I suspect I always will be.
In fact, I hold several degrees in that field.
Even when I am immersed in duties such as the above, I find release or escape in my studies.
I love my histories. My history therapy.

During the (now) years of academic and private research into various fields of study ranging from  philosophy, to occultism, to anthropological studies of aboriginal island cultures, to medieval military orders, to mesoamerican migrations I have often found myself wondering at the moral nature of man.
The age old question of evil was one of the most intriguing and horrifying at once.
Theodicy, the question of how a good universe or a God could allow for evil to occur became an interest.
Notes were made.
Conversations recorded.
Ideas began to form.

My personal opinions and beliefs began to take shape only after some considerable time in which I tried to stay as 'open' as possible to new ideas and concepts. I wanted truth, not consolation. I wanted to understand, not fall back into the intellectual malaise of apathy.

Sometimes I found myself altering my 'inherited' or traditional forms, sometime reinforcing them.
I was sanely and logically able to rationalize and reconcile evil with just the slightest faith in purpose or meaning.
As long as there was a purpose, evil could safely be .
This was a pretty easy first step.
Without purpose there could be no evil (or good)- just random chance and the lens of perspective.
But purpose is clearly found in many things. Purpose is not only logical, and demonstrable - it is also experiential. And thus with purpose accepted, evil is defined.
We know we have a reason, or purpose for being and it is equally clear to all functional minds that evil is apparently contemptuous of that purpose.
Even, it could be said, counter to purpose.
So in it's opposition to purpose, evil finds itself locked in the paradox : It too is enthralled to purpose. It immediately undermines itself, almost as if in spite of itself.
In seeking to defeat the ultimate purpose, it becomes the arch purpose and the paradox is born.
Here and many times more we seem to encounter a personality(s) associated with evil.
Is this a mirage or projection, or as our traditions suggest is there a Devil?
A tragic court of demonic minds?
This too, will be a common thread in this series of posts.
The nature of evil. The various ideas and ideals associated with it, and some of my own experiences and how they made me view these spooky aspects of a dark subject.
We will see time and again how evil never wastes a chance to diminish and even destroy itself.

Always this evil, this force majeure  or  devil  remained there.
Ever potent, or perhaps more properly 'anti-potent'.
Waiting to rob potential.
To destroy any choice and chance it may destroy.
It stands as a contrast to the purpose.
Like a shadow cast on a bright ridge in the snow.
Even in the blinding light, the shadow defines the ridge.   Despite the dune field of white snow, the deep blue sky and searing sun - we only  see the shadow. It grabs us with it's darkness.

I began to wonder what parameters drove evil.
Why it's shadows are cast? Why are so many of us drawn into them?
Could it be predicted? To what ends it works....

As I had in my more mainstream studies, and indeed in much of my 'security' work, I began to see patterns. To locate outcomes and reverse the flow of events.
To follow the current of evil to the river, and then to it's sources.
To do a sort of 'history of evil'.
A kind of play book for the work of darkness.
By studying it's specifics, I mean to come to understand it's anti-purpose and it's methods.

What I found was a thread of events, personalities, conflicts, and barbarous 'traditions' and 'movements' that permeated the history and mythology of mankind.
Evil seemed a kind of arrogant 'grand work' that seems to flourish and culminate in the destruction of potential, hope, and happiness. It seems to be guided. Intelligent, and incredibly envious.
A kind of project in fear, despair, futility, greed, rage, lust, and sadism.
A projects designed to undermine some other, greater, work.

Follow me then - if you dare- deep into the river of evil.
Find it's source and discover why it winds the way it does.
In understanding it, you may better come to understand what 'work' it seeks to undermine and who it seeks to destroy - including itself and all those that support it.
In understanding learn how to detect, avoid, and reduce evil when it's inky shadow enters your world.
In seeing the shadow, learn the direction of the light.

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