Friday, August 03, 2012


 I was hungry when I first wrote this, as I am now...
And so you shall suffer a supper analogy!

 The Taco - according to....

Darwinism: The really is no such thing as a 'taco', but simply variations on a evolving theme of sandwich or flat bread foods. From the regions producing grains and corns came a need to eat more efficiently and faster than other workers and this flat bread meal was assembled by the mechanisms of various food group mutations, combined with the dietary selection of the workers - eliminating the less tasty and desirable taco models from the tortilla pool as the less tasty taco eaters perished without reproducing.
All this talk of restaurants, chefs, and reviews (and even 'Mexico'!!! LOL!!) is absolute childish fantasy. Tacos just happen.

Intelligent Design: Obviously the Taco is a designed and functional food stuff. It has within it a complexity and interdependency of parts (ie the cilantro and the onions in perfect harmony). There is a taco, the taco eater knows this. How the demand and food stuff available shaped the physical form is only half the equation.
What about the intelligence behind the taco?
ID is not creationism: We concede the taco has adapted and evolved - but to a plan, a purpose, a RECIPE! If people want to believe in Mexico, we say the data supports the case for a recipe and a chef... Could there be a Mexico? That is matter of personal faith.

Creationism: Thank you Lord God for allowing me to live in such an interesting time and place where there are tasty nutritious foods called tacos and diverse and interesting lands such as Mexico to explore.
Oh! And thanks for the  Cervezas  too. Here's to you Big Guy!

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