Monday, August 06, 2012

Massacre in Wisconsin

While yet living die, and in dying to this life be born anew, never to be born again. 

From Oudhak Samund Salal Kee


My hopes and prayers for the victims and their families. 

No one should forget while we all ponder the reasons and motivations of the killer - there are real people who have really been hurt and killed. 
For these true victims of this horrible crime, our deepest sympathies.
May God keep you and give you the strength to keep on. 

This incident is disturbing on many levels.
I have read about it from several sources now and the more I read the more instant superficial clarity is spun, and the murkier the killer's background becomes. 

Two things jump out of the text at me, for a number of reasons. 
This on FOXNEWS: 
"According to sources in the U.S. Army, Page enlisted in April 1992 and was given a less-than-honorable discharge in October 1998. He served at Fort Bliss, Texas, in the psychological operations unit in 1994, and was last stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C.,attached to the psychological operations unit." [my emph]
Of course the whole 'beware the vets' theme that is so popular in media is there, and that is what is being stressed. But as you can see where I have added bold the text is where the real red meat is...or should I say Soylent Green, or maybe Kool Aid? Certainly a rabbit hole - and one I am glad I have not duty attached to! 
With the killer himself shot dead, there will be no definite answers....but ALWAYS questions. 
The conspiracy nuts will have a field day with this one - and so they should!

The second thing to 'jump out' was actually slipped in BEFORE the psyops BOMBSHELL, and was this: 
"[..]and what [the attack/mass murder] the FBI is treating as an act of domestic terrorism in the temple, in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek." 

Domestic terrorism
A horrific mass murder in a Temple (apparently by a lone bigot) is to be equated with an attack on the national infrastructure by a subversive (ie revolutionary) or covertly hostile (ie foreign operated cells) group? 
Are we to believe the foul, murderous acts of one man - now shot dead - with no connections is 'domestic terror'? 
Or is the inference that he was/is not alone? That he does have connections? 
If so, to WHO or WHAT? 
The psyops connection? Sheer coincidence, I am sure.

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