Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I am become death....

It has been ages since I have posted on this blog.
My apologies for those who still look in occasionally.
Life has been very busy. A new child. A new career path. Deaths.
I was inspired to return to make another assault on a curent method of the Prince of the air.
A modern method, akin to the worship of the fallen ones in ancient times, but a far more subtle deception and distortion.

My inspiration? Having participated in a back and forth with intelligent, well meaning people on the connection between theories of Natural Selection and Nazi racial and eugenics policies.

The connection should be easy for anyone who has read the works of Hitler and other famous Nazis. It is naked and obvious. But that did not stop these people from attempting to divert and apologize for the science.
The reality?
While these Nazi maniacs brilliantly twisted paganisms blood and soil notions to enrage the peasantry, deliberately distorted Christian teachings to woo the chattering/middle classes; they then took the unprecedented step of seducing the intelligentsia with scientific excuses for their barbarism.Seduce they did. Seduced we still are, even if the justification is used for different but equally barbaric policy.

This makes me ponder: Evil can be brilliant in the moments before it consumes itself.

These Nazi scientific justifications demonstrated that intelligence and education are no guarantors of goodness.

Science is not good. Nor is it evil.
It is a tool and is subject to the morality of those who practice it.
In the case of Nazi policy you, dear reader, can surely guess the direction the tool was given.

Unfortunately many decent people are still captured in the spell of scientism. That is they believe in science, as one might believe in a loved one, in God, or purposeful or teleological universe.
They worship the tool and ignore the hand that wields it.

These poor educated dupes have bought into the idea that science is good and exists for it's own ends.
They often realize, too late, that this is not so once the djinn they seek to discover has escaped it's bottle.
But, by then the evil fruit of their labours is irreversible and insanity often follows.
Nietzsche raving away to his end, a victim of his own pragmatic, scientific nihilism.
Oppenheimer weeping for the deaths of multitudes that his work enabled.
The song always ends the same.
Moral (pious) inquiry is the science we seek. It is science for the objective good of mankind.
Science for the sole sake of science is a madness and a tool used for and by evil.

May God Bless you and keep you all. IHSV More to come soon....

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