Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Feeding the gods of climate change

Since ancient times there has been charlatans who demand blood and gold in order to align the cycles of nature.
These highly educated elites understood basic cycles such as the season, the celestial movements, the tides, and the lunar cycles including the dreaded eclipse.
In return for calming the mobs beholden to them, they demanded obedience and sacrifices. Sometimes these were sacrifices of wealth in the form of food stuff or valuable metals and gems. Other times it has been of even more nightmarish and controlling nature: The blood of innocents.
Whether to feed the crops or their demonic gods, these elites demanded and received this blood in the form of ritual killings, bloody games, and infanticide.
This practice is alive and well into the present.

The modern version of these bejewelled monsters sit on committees, dressed in fine suits and they demand the very same kind of offerings.

Consider the UN climate conferences and the solutions they propose to abate the natural cycles of warming and cooling our world moves through.
There are calls for 'sustainability'. Not the kind of sustainability of which economists speak. Rather the word, used as it is in these reports, is a reference to control mechanisms. Limits on the freedoms and very life potential of entire regions of our planet.

These limits could be on energy production, crops, and even the birth rates of human beings. In some areas the regional powers have taken these horrific concepts to policy. China's one child policy, for example, has been praised by the gurus of these very proposals. A savage policy that forces women to kill their unborn for the state. Forced late term abortions and even infanticides. All for 'sustainability'.

Witness the billionaires and tech tycoons, whose donations to abortion providers dwarf those of powerful nations to international food banks. These men and women of high standing and incredible wealth want us to feel at ease killing our own offspring in order to play with the toys they make, all the while promoting the very act of procreation as a recreational activity. Play, screw, kill - but NEVER think.

Sadly many of us do. Many more have been conditioned to think this act of willing sacrifice and obedience is 'liberating'. They are grateful for these 'rights'. Moloch is smiling in his hidden grove. The princes of the world burn their cares before him.

In other cases the same kind of control is coerced. Less obvious and hidden behind a veil of pseudo charity.
Nations rich in natural resources but designated to be 'undeveloped' are targeted economically, then individual citizens are required to be sterilized in order to receive food or medical help. The continent of Africa is riddled with such stories.

The demand for gold is ever present. Consider the 'carbon credit' systems nakedly designed to crush 'first world' industry and cripple the empowered 'middle classes', while enriching the treasonous despots of the nations targeted in the eugenics programs noted above. In one bold move, these rules would remove the power from the very people who would actually help the individuals - the dreaded educated and altruistic 'middle class' - in the less 'developed' world and place the wealth in the jailers/killers hands.

The very notion taxing carbon (of which all life cycles on earth are dependent) is abhorrent.

The media are useful idiots. Tools in this constant PR war.
We are bombarded with story after story about how the 'sky is falling'. We will be flooded, boiled, consumed by giant snakes... the list is endless.
It will happen in a year, a decade, after a 'pause' (convenient) in which the earth's systems have only briefly equalized. But soon, when the cycles begin again, we must rush to appease the gods of climate with our blood and gold.
We must halt the moon in her cycles by giving up all that makes us human.

Their priesthood has spoken. The earth is angry. The oracle of 'science' has been channelled. You are only an animal, and animals are only machines.
We must obey our Pharaohs, or we will be denounced as heretics. Targeted as 'extremists' deluded by 'conspiracy theories'.
We are labelled as dangerous and mentally ill for seeing through the smoke and mirrors.
But, this is not extremism nor a conspiracy theory.
It is history. The only cycle that they cannot obscure, completely.

We are not mad or deluded, either.
We simply wish to live, and God forbid, thrive in this wonderful rich world. We seek to spread out and multiply as nature and our creator intended, not simply lay down and die so that those who see themselves as the masters of destiny may bathe in golden pools of our blood. Those who would redefine good and evil.

We will stay awake. We will stop the cycle. Not of climate, but rather of control.

May God bless and keep you all.

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