Friday, November 08, 2013

When the truth sounds crazy...

One of the strangest aspects of living in this dystopian age is just how bizarre the truth sounds when spoken aloud.
When some very controversial realities are spoken in the form of simple statements sound like the ravings of a paranoid lunatic.
Unfortunately that is by deliberate design in order to form a mindset of self censorship.

Let's try some, shall we?

Some of the biggest seed and food producing corporations in the world do not want you to know that they have introduced trace amounts of deadly pesticides into the general food supply.
GMO's, or genetically modified organisms (food stuffs) produced by the worlds largest (monopoly?) corporation of this kind, Monsanto, are dosed with their trademarked 'round up' insect killer. The neuro-agent is introduced into the crops ostensibly to increase crop yields in the presence of insects. Aside from the obvious health issues of these chemicals (remember the rats with tumours?). these chemicals are also killing off birds and pollinating insects - like the honey bee - in never before seen numbers. This revelation has resulted in bans, such as that in the EU.
But, Monsanto and their allies are BIG money. They and their allies have repeatedly defeated bills in North America that would require food sellers to label the products containing these chemicals. Products including animal feed, the meats raised on them, breads, milk, and even infant formulas made from the meals of these GMO plants.
These companies are also engaged in an aggressive buy up schemes of organic farms all around the globe. Talk about eliminating the competition!
An interesting side note: In the Monsanto HQs, the cafeterias ONLY serves NON GMO and organic foods. I guess it's a case of 'Let them eat pesticides'... and we all know how that story ends.


Many cities around the world add a deadly poison used in chemical weapon production - in combination with an acid, a delivery agent - that has been scrubbed from Chinese metal foundries to tap water.  Flourosillcic acid (FA) is an industrial by product of aluminium smelting and is imported from China under waste agreements. It is a principle ingredient in pesticides and chemical weapons. It is the 'fluoride' that is being added to tap water all over the western world. The justification is that it is good for your teeth. The reality is that it is proven that ingested FA reduces IQ and slowly destroys the renal system of organisms that ingest it. Again, we are seeing this practice banned in municipalities all over the world, and then these bans challenges by 'health professionals' in the pay of the big chemical companies. Smoking is good for you, Joe Camel says so!

The government(s) and their corporate pals are spying on everyone, everywhere, all the time. Big brother is watching you!
Although most people are not comfortable even thinking about this one (wonder why?), they are at least marginally aware of it. CCTV cameras line the intersections of all the major cities in the advanced nations. Many are equipped with face recognition technology. Millions upon millions of people walk about with a 'big brother' screen in their pockets that allow for eavesdropping, tracking, and video imaging in 3d, even when TURNED OFF. On top of that, as the recent public revelations show, there are massive databases and listening centres that are monitoring, recording, and saving all forms of communications of literally hundreds of millions of citizens in the 'free world' alone. In many nations this is, while unconstitutional, permitted by the courts and elected officials.  The excuse for this wave of lunacy is 'security'.
These Orwellian/Nazi like measures are ostensibly to protect us from terrorists who, as it is inferred, are so good at what they do human intelligence does not work against them (?!?). We are ALL potential terrorists, extremists, and enemies of the state, apparently.
In short: Your freedom is being exchanged for a false sense of 'safety'.
The information? It will be used as the men behind the curtain see fit.

World political and industrial leaders meet in secret to make decisions about the direction of civilization, without the consent of their electorates or shareholders.These long denied confabs have been exposed time and again, and are now finally getting more attention than from the 'fringes' of the media. This years 'Bilderberg' conference in the UK was the most covered event of it's kind ever. That said the MSM played the event down, while attempting to make the protesters and activists look like extremists and nutjobs. The there is the secret elite meetings that have a truly bizarre occult nature. The 'Bohemian Club' meeting in Sonoma, California could not be any stranger. Giant statues of owl gods greet world leaders and banksters. Mock human sacrifice rituals with a hooded priesthood take place along side crowds of cross dressing world leaders, drinking binges, and (male/female) prostitution. Within this circus of the crazy, world changing decisions (ie the Manhattan project) are made.

Eugenics sciences are alive and well.
While most people are duped into believing that the Eugenics movement is long since discredited and dead in the post Nazi world, it is in fact flourishing in the form of groups like Planned Parenthood and UN commissions on 'population control'. These groups have, time and again, been exposed for targeting specific regions, racial groups, and economic strata with their killer programs.
Form slickly promoting the killing of the unborn as a 'women's rights issue' or 'health' (killing?) to restricting medical and food aid, to literally starving out entire regions via trade - these people have never stopped their 'racial hygiene programs'. In fact many of the founders of these groups were NAZI sympathizers during the war, and the Nazis themselves credited them for 'showing the way'.

The 'mainstream' media is a propaganda organ, used for PR purposes by the corporatist elites in government and the halls of power.  This is probably the most noted and obvious of the examples I have chosen. Most people are aware of this to some degree. Sadly, many think that it is only SOME outlets that are complicit. Most people today play the Hegelian game happily and will parrot of that 'left wing' or 'right wing' media is biased... but NEVER their own political stripe. They are being played off against each other towards some predefined synthesis or compromise that perfectly suits the designers of the squabble. It's a win win for the oligarchs.
Proof? Next time you're watching the news, flip back and forth. While you will see a deliberately divisive spin on both sides, you'll notice that ALL the same stories are being covered (with rare exception) at the SAME TIME.
If that is not proof enough, try thinking outside the box about any single issue and you will quickly note that only two 'sides' of any given issue are being discussed.
Door A or door B. You are allowed to choose only one of two, anything else is deemed 'crazy' or simply censored. The same is true of the 'moderated' comments on news sites. Blind-side the subject, and watch your perfectly sensible observations vanish from the feed.

These examples are only a sample of a vast number of bat-shit crazy, whacked out, sounding observations about the world we live in that are actually verifiable truth.
To speak them aloud or write them down may make you question: Is it really so? Am I going crazy? Is this all 'conspiracy theory'? Will my friends and family think I am nuts?
Yes. No. No. Maybe.
For some of you, making these observations known is simply not an option. It would destroy your career, get you in serious 'trouble', or alienate loved ones.
But, that does not stop you from KNOWING these things; or from acting when the time presents itself.

May God bless and keep you all.

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