Saturday, November 23, 2013

The deal with Iran - A faustian pact

In the halls of power in Washington, D.C, USA (sort of) the Obama administration is busily working on a brokered deal of accommodation with Iran.
While this deal is being sold to the public as a realistic approach that both eases tension with the Persian power, while cutting back her ability to produce nuclear weapons, it is anything but.

The deal, as it sits, will allow Iran to continue to enrich weapons grade fissionable materials in her cyclotrons. It purports to curtail the further development of the facilities, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions on Iran. The reality is that this deal will lift the sanctions before  Iran complies.
What does this mean? It means Iran will be able to continue to develop it's nuclear capabilities unhindered, provided the declared reasons for the productions of this material are given as 'peaceful'.
Needless to say the regional powers are incensed. Livid, may be a more appropriate term.
They point out, quite rightly, that Iran's intentions are for regional hegemony. Power, and not the type your fridge runs on. Control.
In fact, even France has described this deal as 'capitulation'. Considering the source, that's saying something, folks. But then France is has a Mediterranean coast within range of Iran's latest missile systems.

The tension between the US and her allies has become literally, publicly visible over this deal. The Israelis have used the term 'betrayal', the Arabs are reconsidering their leases for US bases in the region.
Israel and Saudi Arabia - sworn enemies for decades - have actually begun talks to cooperate in reducing the Iranian capacity through military means. The Saudis have reportedly given Israel fly over rights for a strike, and offered ground support.
If that is the Obama Admin's middle eastern peace plan, I am not sure their definitions are the same as most of ours.
So why the deal? To buy time.
Buy time for what? You may well ask.
Politics is my reply. Wiggle room.
To push this disaster onto the plate of the next US administration.
Some pundits have compared this deal to Chamberlain and Munich.
I think that is unfair.
While Chamberlain's government did proclaim 'peace in our time' and allow Hitler's forces to annex surrounding nations - it was a pragmatic, if very unpopular decision. While Chamberlain gave his speech, his cabinet was tripling the size of the RAF and Royal Navies. While he spoke of peace, his people prepared for a war that they knew was brewing.
The same cannot be said of the Obama administration. Massive cut-backs and a re-emphasis on drone systems and other technological toys are the direction of the current US administration. It is more reminiscent of Hitler's grasping at the straws of wonder-weapons, than a stable preparation for conflict.
While Chamberlain's government was no doubt lying to the public, they were also lying to Hitler's. The time they bought was enough to prevent a neighbouring European (burgeoning) super-power from invading the British Isles. The current US administration seems to be buying time for the sake of a political legacy. The move smacks of incompetence; of the work of inexperienced, arrogant, dimwits.

A newsflash Mr President: Posterity will not record this as someone else's deal. She will not be kind to those who capitulate to a nuclear Iran - whether or not she actually achieves that goal... and you better hope she doesn't.

This is a deal with the Devil. The classic 'easy route'.
And just like the classic legends about such deals, it will bring immediate benefits and accolades. The choir of the Obama-faithful will praise it for a bold move for peace.
But, like all deals with the infernal, there will be much shrieking and dismay when the bill comes due.... and much shame for those who did little or nothing to stop it.
Hopefully, that bill will not cost millions of lives.
Hopefully the Jews and the Arabs will deal with this in such a way as to prevent the tab from being so high as to make the Obama-Iran deal one of the most costly in human history.
One can only hope.
It seems the time for deals has been wasted.

May God bless and keep you all.

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