Thursday, November 21, 2013

The political team game

Have you ever wanted to get a cell phone service or cable TV package and had to accept a pile of services or channels you don't want in order to get what you do want? You know? Ever had to accept and paid worthless nonsense to get a service you require? Most of us have. It is all part of the consumer marketing technique.
What seems less apparent to most is that exactly the same thing is happening in politics. Worse, actually. Politics is not something you can just turn off, it effects all of us.
Consider, dear reader, the 'platforms' (packages) labelled as 'conservative' and 'liberal'. How many conservatives adhere to all the policy of the related platform. For example, how many truly conservative individuals believe in outsourcing manufacturing to line the pockets of multinational corporations?
Let's take a look at the 'opposing' faction: The 'liberals' for a moment. How many true liberals would support a security/police state?
Let's take it a step further, shall we?
Why do BOTH platforms support BOTH initiatives?
Why must we always take these channels or services, no matter our political leanings?
Why must we pay for them with our livelihoods and freedoms?
Answer? Because the teams/packages/platforms are designed that way. These policies - that no right minded person would vote for individually - are bundled in with some goodies we really want, but never truly materialize.
So in this simple but profound double example, we see the tip of an iceberg.
If we ponder on this for a while, we will all find these political team games being sold to us in the form of compromise.
I want to see prohibition end, so I must vote for a politician in favour of infanticide... or I must accept the other teams argument and see no end to prohibition and the acceptance of smaller amounts of infanticide. What if I want to see the end of both practices? Where is my team now?
So, you may say, this is a problem. Where is the solution?
The solution lies in the devolution of federal political powers over our every day lives. Federal or Royal powers are meant to be limited to national and international concerns. If these powers are devolved to regional and local elected authorities with a constitutional check and balance - then we can actually effect change on that level. If we do not like that configuration of power, we should be free to move to where we do like it, or directly change it where we are.
This is how it should work.
But that system has been hijacked by a very slick elite oligarchy that has packaged it's arsenic in with the goodies - like some sort of rat poison.
How it does work?
Teams. Packages. Bundles. Mass marketed to entire national targets.
This is how we end up buying the crap and never actually getting what we want. Worse still, we end up buying the poison along with the goodies.
Want some real life examples?
Turn on the news.
Convinced, but feeling like you cannot make a difference? That's the whole idea of the 'team game'. Just don't play. Refuse to be a cheerleader for ideas that repulse you. Don't buy the bundle to engage a single issue. Engage where you can effect change, and help open the minds of others about you.
You can make a change, and if more and more of do (we are) we can change to whole game.
In fact, we can call it off.
In short, the real winning team is NO TEAM AT ALL.

May God bless you and keep you all.

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