Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Knock out Game...

The Knock out game is a kind of tame name for racially motivated mob violence that is gripping the urban regions of the USA. We do not hear about it, because it runs counter to the federal narrative of racial tranquillity.
The US federal government wants you to think less about this kind of thing. They are self proclaimed 'liberals' (aka progressives) and they need their middle class constituents to feel safe.
They want you to feel they are providing all for their people. They want you to come to believe they rule over (yes rule) over a 'post racial' America. The proof is in the colour of the president's skin, they will proclaim. After all, what type of racially divided nation would vote in an 'African American'  president?
That's the narrative. Here's the cold hard facts: The president is not African. He is a biracial man raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii. Because he is considered black in 'post racial' America for having some black ancestry, he was voted into office in an extremely cynical and racially divisive fashion.
Remember '08? I do. I remember the countless columns and editorials, pamphlets, and talking heads on TV blathering about the 'racists' who stood against Mr Obama. I remember the (racial) statistics that showed how the 'black communities', blissfully unaware of his policy and stuffed with false promises, voted for him in the order of the high nineties in the percentiles.
If every single white person in that nation had voted along racial lines, there would have been an outcry. But in 'post racial' America, this divide and rule strategy was proclaimed as a victory.
A victory for who or what? For the race baiting political classes who form the so called 'left wing' of US power.

Well, here we are in AD 2013. At the start of Mr Obama's second term. The scandals surrounding his rule are too many to mention in detail. This 'transparent' president has formed secret courts, allowed his intelligence agencies unprecedented power and seen defectors run to Russia. He has seen his tax bureau attack his opponents. His justice department has been rocked by gun smuggling and corruption. His TSA has become a paramilitary checkpoint system similar to Mexico or Cuba. His drones have killed hundreds of innocents and been utilized to assassinate enemies (counter to military conventions). Wars have blossomed and gone rotten. As I noted, there is too much to mention. One scandal is eclipsed by another before the ink dries.

But he must have, at the very least, been good for race relations right? Him and his people are 'sensetive' to these horrible bigotries and injustices, right?

Welcome to the age of racial mob violence.
Welcome to the age of the age of the 'knock out game'.

What is the knock out game? Well if you read about it in the MSM you are going to be told that it is groups of 'youths' who think it is entertaining to attack and 'knock out' an unsuspecting 'random' victim. This is nothing but rank deception.
The knock out game is actually anything but random. It is actually being perpetrated in the largest part by black inner city youths and the victims are not 'random', they are selected. They are selected based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and opportunity. The victims are overwhelmingly white, Asian, Latino, and/or gay. The most recent wave has been targeting Jews in New York.
Young couples have been attacked. Old men. Teachers. Shop keepers. Dog walkers.
These people dared to walk near or through neighbourhoods dominated by roaming gangs of violent young black people.
The reasoning of these mobs? Hate. They think it is funny to cold clock an old man, or a guy walking his girlfriend home and then post a video of the attack on youtube (usually how they are caught).
The videos are replete with racial epithets. This is happening ALL over the us, in most major cities.
Where it does not happen is almost as notable. Blue collar areas, where people are not afraid to defend themselves are mysteriously left out. What can we deduce from this? The perps are cowards. That is why they attack in packs and gangs. Their victims nature also testify to this.

Some of you may think this is not a racial matter. That is has to do with gang culture, poverty, and poor education. Well, these are factors for sure. Bigotry flourishes in such a vacuum.
Further, there is no genetic propensity for this behaviour. It is not happening because the attackers are black, rather it is happening because their victims are usually not black. 

Think about this folks:
If gangs of white youths wandered the streets selecting Jews, Blacks, Gays, and Latinos to be savagely attacked, and even killed - what would the media reaction be? Many of you are too young to remember the 1980's and the skin heads. To young to remember the outcry about the activities of racist groups victimizing minorities. That is all ancient history, as far as most people are concerned. But, you will be old enough to remember the Trayvon Martin case. A case in which a Latino man was tried for the murder of a young black man who had viscously attacked him on a walkway. Do you remember the outcry and nationwide protests about a single young, unarmed man being shot in self defence? The various attacks and even murders in Trayvon's name? 'This is for Trayvon' was the cry heard. Do you remember the 'post racial' president claiming young Mr Martin 'could have been my son' - and effectively fanning the flames of the racial discord?
Well, I am left to suppose a Jewish, white, or Asian boy could not have been his son, by his silence on these issues. I suppose his son would never be gay. I am left thinking the media is complicit in this spiteful, nasty, shell game.

The sad truth is that the USA has stepped back 50 years in racial relations in just a few months of political games. In order to win an election the spin doctors of the new 'left' have sacrificed  two generations of work.
They may have put a 'black man' in the Whitehouse, but at what long term costs to that 'community' and to the entire nation.
Divide and rule is the oldest control game in the book.
It has been played very effectively in the last political cycle of the USA. Politics have been polarized, racial/ethnic groups put at each other, even the very notion of constitutional government has been put up for debate - an idea unthinkable to this blogger in his own youth.
And it has only just begun.

For more information on this subject simply search the term 'knock out game'.

May God bless you and keep you all.

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