Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blood thirsty baby killers

Baby killers?

I must be talking about soldiers, right? War criminals who shoot villagers and kill their kids?
That is what the lefty college hippies with pink and green braids paint on their staples brand protest signs... right?

Well, WRONG.

I am not writing about our men and women in uniform. I would not dream of labelling an entire profession of warriors war criminals and murderers. Most of them would never kill a child or follow orders to do so.  I stand among their numbers and know this to be true.

No, I am writing about the industrial baby killers.

The abortion on demand (AOD) lobby.

What do I mean by abortion on demand? I mean the advocates of abortion who claim it is a woman's right to kill her unborn for whatever reason she (can be convinced) is valid.
Not to save her life (always legal), but to save her bank account or her career. To save her parents shame, or her boyfriends reputation, or her marriage from infidelity. The AOD lobby doesn't even care if abortion is used as a birth control measure in a culture that promotes promiscuity and premarital sex in the classroom.

Their entire argument, they claim,  is about 'choice'. The child inside the woman - even if it has a penis - is just part of the woman, they say. Case after case of the most horrific kind have surfaced in this industry. 'Doctor' Kurt Gosnell in Philadelphia being the latest. 
To the advocates having an abortion is not different than having a tumour removed.
In fact they refuse to even call the baby a baby. Instead it is named by it's developmental stage; it becomes a foetus. A human foetus, but  merely a part of a woman's anatomy.
A human being perhaps, but not yet a legal 'person'. It would be akin to saying newborns aren't people.
In fact that is EXACTLY what they are now saying.

Now that abortion has become a legal INDUSTRY that generates hundreds of millions (much of it tax payers money), they have raised the bar - much like opponents have being said they would for decades.

As science has progressed and the facts surrounding human development in the womb clearly proves the humanity and rapid development of the unborn, these people have turned the scientific and ethical reality on it's head: Instead of conceding a horrible error and opposing the industry, they argue that if an unborn child is a baby, they state, then killing babies should be legal too.

This evil madness is spreading.
We hear legal and academic arguments all over the 'civilized' (read hedonist) regions of the world that newborns and even infants should be put on their kill list. (see a quick google of the a mere handful of the advocates)
They argue that because an infants brain (the materialist soul) is not functioning like an adults that they are not legally 'persons', and that it should therefore be legal for the mother to have that child killed in much the same way you can have a dog or cat put 'to sleep'. Their actual soul? Their worth? Not even considered. These people do not believe in such things. Their God is wealth and power over others.

If a child is difficult, has disabilities or 'disorders' -the advocates claim - it is a kindness to 'put them down'. But this, they argue, is still to restrictive. It is about 'choice' remember? So any reason is good enough to legally kill your newborn or toddler, provided it is done by one of their 'professionals'.
If appeased, these measures would make Gosnell's case moot. His snipping of delivered babies spines would be perfectly okay by law.

The laws of these lands protect freedom of speech they preach this in our courts, universities, and even in medical journals - with no consequence. An idea that would have seen them hung by a mob only fifty years ago is now 'respectable'.
Our younger generations are being indoctrinated into thinking this is 'normal'.
Killing toddlers is now a real, legal debate.

If a reader of this post does not see murder of babes as evil, I would urge them to look into the eyes of their child, their young siblings, or relatives and imagine what it would be like to come home one day and discover that their relatives, spouse or partner had killed their little one.
If you still see no wrong in THAT you yourself are utterly lost.
I ask such people to come back into the fold of humanity. A person who calls other humans (including our babies) things or animals is LESS than an animal themselves. You sell your soul (humanity, if you like) for a blatant lie. Wake up and become human again.

If, on the other hand, the idea of desperate women being convinced that the killing of their OWN infants is just and moral,  is an act of evil: Allow me to sink into another deep pit of hellish thought.

Currently there are legal arguments being made in Florida by the biggest abortion provider in the western world: Planned Parenthood.
These arguments state that if one of the many botched late term abortion results in the live birth of the child that is wrong to legally ensure that child receives medical attention. They are arguing that the decision of whether the child (now born and conscious) should be killed or not should be up to the 'mother and the doctor'. This works well for them, as it becomes more and more apparent that many late term abortions are exactly what is in question here. Baby is delivered and killed in cold blood. (The 'kind' and currently legal - in most areas-  alternative is having their little heads caved in and sucked out my a machine.)

Having survived the infanticidal dementia of the mother and the bloody lucre of the 'doctor' , the child is to be killed in it's first moments of consciousness. When she should be mewling and snuggling on mummy's breast she will be injected with noxious chemicals and die terrified and alone, and the hands of a professional butcher of human beings.
This, in the eyes of the abortion industry, is just and moral.
This is a 'right' and this is a 'choice'.

I should also note:  There is also a very real racial and sexual element to this. The children being 'aborted' are by vast majority black children and girls in general.
The industry operates full steam in the urban 'black ghettos' and among the more affluent classes sex selective abortion is rampant. Baby girls are aborted so the wealthy parents can 'try again' for a son.

Sound like something from Red China or Nazi Germany, folks? Sure it does, but it isn't.
It is the UNITED STATES. The 'leaders of the free world'.
Canada, my own home I have served and love.
The EU, in the cradle of western civilization.
Even in Israel, the land of the exodus - and the sanctuary of the very people who escaped the Nazi holocaust.

Our TAX dollars are paying for these ghouls to make their insane arguments and carry on their evil, bloody work.
Evil has no borders, no boundaries.
It is alive and well among our own peoples, and if normal people like you and me do not begin to speak out about this ever growing sacrifice of innocent life - it will continue to flourish and bloom among us.
Already we see the same arguments of death being forwarded about the sick, weak, and elderly.
Even if your motivations are selfish or nationalistic you must ask yourself: How long can such an empire of blood and lust last? How long till an honest and moral culture cuts our decadent, weak, selfish and murderous shadow of a civilization to bits?
We must change this path, or it will be changed for us.
Mark my words on this.

Finally I will add a personal note: Many of you reading this will think because I am Christian this is my religious view; that I am part of a camp of extreme thought fostered in religious circles.
I assure you: That is totally untrue.
I was 'pro choice' for more than half my life.
I was a dupe too, despite my faith and being a father.
I will agree my stance is consistent with Christian thought, but it does not require one to be a Christian; simply HUMAN and aware.

It is the SCIENCE and the act educating myself on what an abortion really is and looks like that has opened my eyes. Most people never see the results of an abortion. Most people never see the human toll on the mother. I have now seen both. I cannot relate that horror.
But I can react to it, and I have. I now stand firmly with the child's (human) rights, and not with those of selfish, bloody, convenience.

Again, I implore you on this Easter weekend and during this Passover: Speak up.
Open your eyes and see what is being done in every city and town across the free world.
Listen to and read the words of these blood thirsty, selfish, people. See for yourself the future they 'plan' for our children and grandchildren. Hear from the horse's mouth what they have in store.
Be brave and look at the images of the slaughtered innocents (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES).

Speaking out will not make you popular with many 'liberal' friends, I know.
But it must be done. They must hear it too.
We (conservatives, libertarians, liberals, socialists etc) all have very different visions of what society should be like - but we ALL love our children. We all want to see the children happy and well. Liberals have been lied to. They need to be shown the truth, too.

Remember: Do not become violent against the advocates of death, or you play into their hands. These people seek to paint us all as extremists, religious nutjobs, and terrorists. They seek to draw us into their realm of madness.
If we are to do this we must seek life, as they defend death.
We must seek  to change the law, while they seek to enrich themselves to killing the young, old, weak, sick, unborn and mentally handicapped.
We must fight evil with goodness, not violence and more death.

Rather, speak out, vote against, and DEMAND action against this industry of innocent blood. Demand that your tax monies do not fuel their sacrificial pyre.
Demand an accounting for those people who run this industry and promote it as 'women's rights' and choice, while contributing to a global femicide and conditioning a generation of people to react with hostility when abortion is even QUESTIONED or discussed.
Further,  teach your children that sex and love must go together; and that child rearing is a great responsibility. Teach them that the taking of innocent life is the most horrible transgression against humanity and God, and should only occur under the most extreme circumstances - when it cannot be avoided. In doing so you can counter the poison being fed to them by the advocates of death.

For the babies, infants, the unborn and all that is decent and good, I beg you dear readers: Wake up and stand against these killers of babes and would be killers of little children before it is too late.

May God bless you and keep you this Easter weekend.
May He watch over us in this struggle for what is good and right.
May He take the souls of these innocents speedily to His side.

May you all have a wonderful holiday, which ever you celebrate, with your children and grandchildren.
Give them an extra hug and remember all those little ones that did not make it to mother's arms.

For my sons. 

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